Thing Indonesians Like: Fake Handbag

A shop assistant in Switzerland recently refused to show an outrageously expensive bag to Oprah Winfrey. The Indonesians fakeshionista should thank Oprah and the shop assistant for this  saga, because soon, the bag will be available in Indonesia. What the fakeshionista should be grateful of is that the price won’t be as expensive as the original. The original bag price tag is USD 38,000, while in Mangga Dua (the Mecca for fake bags), the Jeniffer Aniston handbag – I predict- will be sold for around USD 38.

Jen Handbag

As you might be know, my beloved country, Indonesia, is a home to fake designer goods. Not only bags, we also produce shoes, wallet, luggage, shades, even make up! This country is indeed a home (and heaven) for  people who devoted their  life to fake fashion designer brand & dress according to the trend of the fake stuff. To honour these people, I coined the word: fakeshionista; everything has to be fake.

Although some of our fake designer products were made locally, there are many thing that are imported from China, Korea or Hong Kong. Unfortunately, I do not know the differences between Korea or Hong Kong bag, but my guess the quality is difference. Hence, expensive price. Fake products imported from Korea and Hong Kong is indeed more expensive than the the locally made. Apart from the country of origin, fake bags in Indonesia are classified into different level based on the quality, material and the finishing product. Quality, or Kwalitas in Bahasa Indonesia, is always shortened as KW (pronunciation: kaa – way). In the fake world, bags rank start from KW Mirror and Ori (original), KW super, KW semi super, KW 1, KW 2, KW 3. KW 3 offers the lowest quality and will only cost you around USD 5 – 10

A real fakeshionista would not go for those cheap handbags as this person usually quite loaded. One  will go for the premium one, KW ori (original) or mirror. The kw ori handbag is the top-notch bag in the fake world. It is made with real leather, while the cheaper one uses synthetic leather. This premium handbag usually sold from USD 300. Fake Hermes bag for instance could reach up USD 600. The same price for a nice bag (maybe two) from Marc by Marc Jacob, Kate Spade or Michael Kors. But again, a real fakeshionista will always go for the fake one.

Fashion designers issues authenticity card for their design. The fakeshion designer, follows suit, and issue the same card. Fakeshion designer will do anything to catch up with the real designer. If the original brand has only one or two colors, fake bags will offer better selection of colors and models. Like fashion, the fake stuff does not last long. In less than a year, the fake bag will lose its humidity and start to crack. Unfortunately, the real fashion designer could not produce this kind of bag. If they could, they definitely will make a lot of money as people will buy more often.

Although Indonesia is a heaven for fake bags, this country also produce amazing bags, even Kate Spade trusts Indonesia company to produce their collection. To hunt the locally made bags, one should regularly visit handicraft exhibition in JCC. Be warned though that it will make you broke as there are too many good things. My favorite is Inacraft, the biggest handicraft exhibition held regularly every May. Thanks to Inacraft, I now know a few  local brands, some are Yogya based leather shops who produce good bag at a relatively cheap price (compare to the KW Ori). Despite our good quality products, there are not many people who like to buy local, for them 20 fake bags are way better than one real bag. One surely hope that this will change.

A fake bag will still be a fake bag, but Indonesians takes pride in buying fake stuff. The cheaper, the better.



18 thoughts on “Thing Indonesians Like: Fake Handbag

  1. Btw, mbak Tjetje, ada masukan nih untuk things Indonesian like: Masakan Padang 🙂 soale tersebar di seluruh nusantara 😀 mudah-mudahan berkenan 😀

  2. Di turki mereka jelas2 berani pasang banner “original fake watches” atau “genuine fake bags”.ga tau karena mereka pe-de dengan faking mem-faking barang atau sekedar mencoba tampil jujur.

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