Thing Indonesians Like: Whitening

One of the first comment that people say when the baby born is the skin. People adore it when the baby skin is white or even pink. If you are born in this country with dark skin then you are ugly. Beauty, in Indonesia, defined as white skin. The people are so obsess with white skin that  in a death ceremony, the albino buffalo is better appreciated rather than the regular one. The price of the white skin buffalo is even higher than the dark one.

Indonesians, both man and woman, want to be like that albino buffalo. They want the white skin and once they have it, their “price” in the society will rise & they can be beautiful. Well, who does not want to be beautiful? In order to attain the absolute white skin, these people do everything, from swallowing a pill to putting anything with whitening on their skin. They do not care if the product contains mercury.

The beauty producers see this obsession as a great opportunity, so they created various product with whitening. Toothpaste is not the only product that contains whitening, here, soap, body lotion, facial wash, deodorant and shaving cream are contain whitening too. Nobody buy things without whitening. Those who have white skin,should always maintain their skin color by puting more and more whitening and be as white as ghost. The motto is clear: the whiter the prettier.

Beside putting lot of whitening products on their skin, these vampires also prevent themselves from sun exposure. Well, they are vampire, so they need to be afraid of the sun. Umbrella, long sleeves and shades are suppose to be their bestfriend. Interestengly, Indonesians do not like to bring umbrella and wear sunglasses. Indonesians only wear than when they are on holiday in Bali. As for the long sleeves, Indonesians go beyond that. Take a look at bikers in Jakarta. In order to minimize the tanning effect of sunshine, bikers put on gloves and jacket before cruising the city. To put on cover when the weather is -5°C is not crazy, but to put the jacket and gloves in a tropical country when the weather is 32°C? Well, only Indonesians would do that.

The rich people do more than just putting whitening cream. They throw away their money to the doctor’s pocket. Rich vampires in Indonesia have themselves injected with vitamin C as it is claimed could make the skin lighter. An ampoule of vitamin C every certain time wil do the job. Those who have more endurance (and money) usually opt for an infusion bag. In Jakarta, you can always request a doctor to come to your house and do the IV therapy for whitening your skin. Patient happy, doctor is happier. Ka-ching..ka-ching.

Indonesian girls who are in relationship, or even married to white skin man, are always accused of improving the quality of their offspring. People always remark on how beautiful the future kids will be, the skin will be white and the nose will be long. I do not like that comment because I am not marrying my fiance because of his skin. I agree to marry him because he is wonderful. Wanna know how wonderful he is? Well, he is the only man who ever say that my skin is beautiful. When I told my 19-year-old cousin about this, she said: “No wonder Indonesian girls like to be with bules. They see things that are considered imperfection as perfection.”

Embrace your skin people and throw away those whitening lotion!


21 thoughts on “Thing Indonesians Like: Whitening

  1. Klo mau kulit tetap putih (terang) mustahil ya klo tinggal di negara katulistiwa, krn mataharinya ganas 😀 . Begitu pula bule2 itu biar sdh ditanning berulang kali, tetap aja balik putih lagi 🙂 . Keduanya bikin kulit terang atau gelap sama-sama ngeluarin duit, ya bersyukur saja dg diri kita.

  2. Aku sayang kulitku apa adanya mbak. Nggak pernah tertarik pakai losion pemutih.. Daripada mutihin kulit, mending mutihin jiwa ya mbak 😉 Happy Tuesday! Btw, sudah resmi kah jadi binibule? (Maaf kalau pengen tau ya).

  3. Pingback: Kawin Sama Bule Perbaiki Keturunan? | Ailtje Bini Bule

  4. Jadi inget jaman sekolah dulu, sering banget di panggil “si item” sama temen-temen. Sakit rasanya menerima perlakukan dan diskriminasi fisik kayak gitu dari sesama bangsa sendiri. Dulu aku sering mengutuk diri sendiri kenapa terlahir dengan kulit gelap.. ga jarang dikira anak pungut lantaran kulit mama putih. Tapi sekarang aku bangga dan cinta dengan kulit sehatku. I am proud of being tropical girl 🙂
    Menurutku munculnya standar kecantikan wanita Indonesia harus yg kulitnya putih bersinar itu karena pembodohan iklan. Produk-produk kecantikan direpresentasikan dgn model-model yang kulitnya putih kinclong, rambut lurus, dan langsing. Alhasil orang-orang terobsesi pengen punya kulit putih kayak model-model itu.

  5. salam kenal, sama mbak cowo ku juga bilangnya kulit kmu cantik’ cewe2 di kampung dia will die untuk dapet kulit kaya gini. hihi trus dia liat aku pake lotion tulisannya whitening. trud kata cowo ku ” dont gent white, thr more darker your skin the more pretty” ye elaa hihi”

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