The writer’s blog tour: My writing process

I was invited to join this blog tour by Si Koper Biru, Eva, an Indonesian Engineer who lives in Copenhagen. She writes many interesting stories about travel, living in Scandinavia and recently 30-day movie challenges. Visit her post about this tour here and follow the trail back and forth.

 The rule of this post is simple; I have to answer 4 questions related to my writing process. I researched googled to find out more about this blog tour to give me a clearer idea. It appears that this tour was actually for a writer (book writer, poet, novelist; someone who gets money from making beautiful writing). But well, blogger writes and put beautiful words together, so let’s do this tour!

What am I working on?

I have few draft posts sitting quietly on my folder, from dukun to my travel experiences. The one post that I am going to publish soon (yet I have not drafted the outline) is a post on community gallery near Borobudur. This gallery produces few interesting things, including ceramic designed by Jenggala and jam. The jam is special, because the recipe was bought from Kou, a jam shop in Ubud. At the end of this post, I will give away a beautiful Borobudur name card holder for one of you. So keep reading.


How does my work differ from others of its genre?

My writing is not only influenced by my own observation and experience, but also by the people whom I met. As you know, I do love people watching. I enjoy observing how people behave, react, engage and write (and criticize) it. When writing for post not related to human behaviour, travel for example, I try to put the human element. Why human? Because the beach from one side of the world to the other side looks almost the same, it is the people that actually make the beach different.

There are many bloggers who write posts about human behaviour, but I guess what makes my blog different from other is because I can be very sharp. A good friend said that it is because karetnya tiga, jadi pedes banget.

Why do I write what I do?

Initially, I wanted to write about the life as a wife of foreigner, ‘binibule’ (pardon the use of the word bule here are there in this blog, but I, like many other Indonesians, intend neither harm nor discrimination), the challenges, the excitements and the cultural shocks. However, I found out that it is not easy to write about relationship between Indonesian and foreigner. It is much easier to post about human behaviour, travel, or any other random things. So here I am writing anything that pop up in my head and trying to change the world with my posts. Eh.

How does my writing process work?

It starts with a lot of observations and conversations. I talk with foreigners who live in Indonesia, listening to their adventures, experiences and of course, their complains. In addition to that, I observe the way people behave and list all the key words in my Moleskine that I bring around inside my wallet. Then, during weekend (when I am not travelling), I develop the outline and expand it. Travel does not stop me from writing though; I am more productive when I am on the airplane, as long as I am not seated next to an annoying person.

When writing, there are rules that I set. First, it has to be informative; if it is not informative, then it has to be at least funny. Secondly, I have to at least draft two posts during weekend and schedule them to be published during the week, at around 11 am. The time selected, because I would like you to have something to read before or during the lunch. Lastly, my post should contain at least 500 words and less than 1000 words. Since I set the rule, I am allowed to break it; so do not try to complain.

In order to continue this post, I would like to nominate two persons. Noni Nowak, an Indonesian blogger who lives in Medan has been nominated but she hasn’t posted anything. So let me give her a bit of pressure and ask her to write. I am sure we are all want to know how she get her inspiration and ideas to write interesting posts. I also would like to nominate a writer, a travel writer, Fabiola Lawalata, who has been travelling to more than 60 countries with her Indonesian passport.



19 thoughts on “The writer’s blog tour: My writing process

  1. Jadi kalau di tagged itu ga muncul di notifikasi ya Ai hahahah alasan baru reply sekarang karena baru blogwalking juga , cause ur blog is one of the must visit during the blogwalking 🙂

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