[EF#6 WEEKLY CHALLENGE] Alter Ego a la Syahrince

When I first heard about Blog English Club (BEC), a weekly blog challenge, I did not immediately join the initiative because I was not sure (and I still am not) if I could commit another few hours for a blog post. However, I decided to join and to write whenever I have time. For those who are interested to improve your English, please visit this link to learn about the initiative and to meet the brilliant people behind it.

This week, the Administrators of BEC decided ‘alter-ego’ as a theme and challenge us to imagine our alter-ego.  It is hard for me to imagine something without really knowing the subject, so I decided to  google about alter-ego. I found few articles and all of them have successfully confused me. Alter ego, which means an alternative personality, is a way for people to dream about the things and live the life they could not have. Although I do not know how, the alter ego helps people to reach their dream and give them courage to live the live that they want. To me, the latter sounds scary.

From my little research, I found that those who have been deprived and could not get what they want, usually, have an alter ego. Since I am happy with my life and my attainments, I do not think I could imagine my alter ego. Like many other people, I want to achieve more things in life, but again, I do not need an alter ego to achieve that. I am capable of doing and achieve those things. Oh boy, I sound so snob like a celebrity.

Speaking of celebrities, many of them are known to have alter ego. Beyoncé has Sasha Fierce, while Katy Perry has Kathy Beth Terry. Sadly, my favorite celebrity, Princess Syahrince does not have any alter ego. I guess not yet, because *drum roll* I am about to create one for her!!

Since Syahrince is obsessed with the word cantik, I would name her alter ego as Chantique. Physically, she would be as beautiful as Syahrince. Unlike Syahrince who like to put thick make up on her face, her alter ego would be allergic to any make-up, even the most expensive one. A touch of make-up would make her face swollen like a dead elephant.

Most of you know that Syahrince likes expensive cars like Lamborghini. Unfortunately, the alter ego would not know how to drive because she suffers from kinetosis, an illness due to the motion. The only means of transport that would not make her sick is motorcycle. So picture this, Syahrince without make-up, sitting on the back of motorcycle taxi from Bogor to Pasar Senen, Ambassador Mall and the fakeshionista heaven, Pasar Senen.

alter ego

Contrary to Syahrince, Chantique detests Birkin bags and adores animal. She would be an animal activist, like Bridgitte Bardot. Consequently, she would throw an garage sale, to clear the Syahrince’s collection. The money raised from that sale would be used for rehabilitation crocodiles population in Papua. How very noble!

Finally, Chantique would still maintain the Instagram and regularly post pictures from her activities. She would not post glamorous pictures or silly video but would build a  reputation as a philanthropist and humanitarian-wanna-be by posting photos around animal shelters, refugee camps and orphanages. The hash tags for these pictures would be #Donated1000k #MyDonationIsInUSDNotIDR #GaveMyChannelHandBagForCharity #HermesSoldCrocodilesHappy #SoldMyLamborghiniForAShelter #MakeMeUNAmbassador #IWannaReplaceJolie #IamBetterThanAngelinaJolie

Oh sh*t, the alter ego loves to brag too, in a different way. Somebody please shoot Mbak Chantique, I could not stand her!



29 thoughts on “[EF#6 WEEKLY CHALLENGE] Alter Ego a la Syahrince

  1. Is Syahrince also doing “maju mundur chantique” and phrasing “I feel free” too, Miss?
    It will be very funny to watch her alter ego in real life :hehe

  2. Hahahahaha mba Aiiii… mana tahannn itu ai syarince. Tadinya aku mau bikin si chantique ini juga tp kan udah pas challenge ke 4 yg lalu. Terlalu ngefans emang ya gini ya mba Ai….hohoho

    *ngakak bagian allergic to make up* ngebayangin wajahnya tanpa makeup (pasti lebih cantik)

  3. Hi Mba Ai.. kayaknya belum kenalan ya. Salam kenal deh.
    Itu alter ego-nya bikin ngakak. Pas awal sih ok… gak suka make up, gak bisa naik mobil mewah, cuma ojek. Tapi pas insta… tetep ya… eksis. 😀

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  5. I had to google and youtube your beloved Syahrince. She’s one of a kind, huh 😂
    She might look not so bright but I think she could also be a marketing genius and enjoying all the fame & fortune through people who are curious about her or love her but also those who hate her.

    The alter ego you created for Syahrini is just as confused and lost in life like her.

    I love your sense of humor!

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