Good Bye 2015, Hello 2016

The year 2015 is the year where few of my wishes (both the silly and the serious one) came true. Back to August 2014 when I attended the UNAOC Conference, I secretly wished that I could meet the first lady of that time. For me, the Instagram superstar was more interesting than any other world leaders. At exactly a year later, my wish came true. In August 2015, I had the chance to meet her and took selfie in the most stylist Javanese way. I supposed we never know how the universe works to make any dream and wish come true.

Another wish that I made is I wanted to attend upacara before leaving Indonesia. I made this silly wish because I miss the feeling of standing in an upacara. Again, I got what I wanted. My cool boss assigned me to attend Upacara Hari Pramuka in Monas. The happy me sitting in a front row until few people tapped my shoulder to tell me that the seat is reserved for someone else. Poor me, I had to flash my badge to few different people in order to tell them that I am indeed from that institution. I guess this people did not expect a young petite Indonesian lady. Perhaps, again perhaps, they were expecting someone tall with fair complexion who can’t speak an Indonesian word to sit there. Funnily, it wasn’t there first time that people doubt my affiliation during a formal event. Again, perhaps people are not aware that Indonesian woman could work in an international organisation. D’oh.

Kakak #Ahok memimpin upacara pagi ini. #hariPramuka #Pramuka #Jakarta #Indonesia

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This year, my wish to visit Banda Neira was also materialised. I received a fabulous invitation to go to a luxurious trip to see the underwater creatures and the historical places. The morning walk around the island was lovely, the underwater was superb and the seafood was just succulent. One thing that I could not forget is of course the unbroken sun that made everything so beautiful. Oh how I miss the sun! Darn it winter!

The year 2015 also taught me that there is always good bye in a hello. After more than four years of working in the institution, I had to leave in order to join my other half in Ireland. It was not an easy farewell, but that’s what life is. The new life in Ireland is surprisingly an easy one, though I dearly miss the spicy food that I used to dislike. If I could share one good thing to do in the next year, is to stop gluing your eyes to your gadget and do enjoy every single second that you have with your lovely friends, family and colleagues while they are still there beside you. You never know when you have to bid them farewell and when the time arrives, it sucks!

Have a lovely New Year’s Eve Celebration everyone. I hope all your wishes come true!


36 thoughts on “Good Bye 2015, Hello 2016

  1. Bagian terakhir postingan ini makjleb banget sih. Habiskan waktu dengan orang-orang tercinta. Kebersamaan memang lebih baik ketimbang mata terpaku pada tablet ya Mbak :hehe. Selamat tahun baru! Mudah-mudahan tahun 2016 bisa jadi lebih baik dari 2015. Mudah-mudahan semua pencapaian di 2015 bisa jadi kenangan manis yang tak dilupakan.
    Reportase tahun baru di Irlandianya ditunggu, Mbak!

  2. Selamat tahun baru 2016 mba Tje, sukses selalu yaaa 🙂
    Buka postingan ini di awal tahun (hari Senin pulak) jadi ikutan ceria liat foto mu mba. Ah pertanda, 2016 ini mungkin kita mesti lebih sering liburan kali yak 😆

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